The Payroll module will enable you to have accurate paychecks with correct withholding more easily and with less time. Capabilities are provided for both salaried and hourly payroll processing. Normal pay and deductions can be generated automatically, yet easily modified for special situations. The system is very comprehensive and flexible, allowing multiple payrolls with different pay cycles and period ending dates within one company, so that different needs can be met for different employee groups. Many different pay types such as regular, vacation, bonus, sick, etc. can be processed for an employee in each pay period. The availability of security access codes will protect against unauthorized changes and processing of information. Because the system is real-time, interactive, entries may be done all at once, or in increments, as your schedule requires. Individual corrections or changes can be made to a particular pay entry or a "group" of records. Driver pay is a separate subsection, and can be handled either through the payroll module or through the dispatch module. Special options for up to 40 pay rates, including hourly, percent, flat and mileage are contained in the driver file. Advances and expenses are also managed by trip and by driver. Selection options will allow a single check to be processed if necessary. * Multi-state payroll capability, with easy access for entry and update of state tax tables * Special tax withholding can also be done for specified amounts and additional withholding * Up to ten voluntary deduction categories per employee * Provision for special gross earnings categories such as sales commissions * Automated transfer of posting entries to general ledger * Advances tracking and reconciliation.