Accounts Payable
The Accounts Payable module will provide you with the information necessary to have direct control over expenses and manage your cash flow by planning rather than crisis. It will help you reduce late payments by better forecasting cash requirements and accurately recording and tracking all liabilities. You will have complete management of the payables function, with tight invoice entry, edit and maintenance controls. Full, yet flexible disbursement and distribution control with extensive vendor inquiry and review capabilities are standard. The module is fully integrated. All transactions are automatically carried to the general ledger. Entry and payment of checks is handled interactively, as needed. The system handles both manual and automatic check preparation, thus consolidating all payables check activity into one journal. Inquiry screens make invoice detail, vendor information and balances, expense check detail, etc. immediately available upon request. Accounts Payable Features Automatic application of vendor terms Firm implementation of your payment procedures Accountability management information Accurate obligations and cash commitments reporting Automatic check preparation Easier check reconciliation Capture of vendor payment history for easier response to vendor inquiries or problems Each vendor account can have up to 15 automatic distributions to general ledger accounts, and this distribution can be changed for any individual invoice at time of entry Cash Requirements forecasting lets you project accurately your cash needs. This report can be run at any time to show needed funds at selected future dates Selective payment options based on due dates, vendors or specific invoices Invoice "do not pay" flag which can be used to hold payment on any invoice which is disputed or incorrect Duplicate invoice payment protection User defined payment cycles Pay multiple invoices with one check Allows partial payment and tracking of any invoice Automatic deduction of discounts option Transaction/Maintenance Audit Trail report Automatic check preparation Check Register/Disbursements Journal Cash Requirements by vendor and date Year-to-Date Purchases, by vendor Outstanding Invoice list, by vendor Invoice aging reports in detail or summary