Accounts Receivable
A/R Management is one of the most critical element of sound cash flow. The features of this module will allow you to accurately track customer debt and handle past due billings. * Transactions are automatically carried to the General Ledger * Finance charges, in flexible amounts, can be selectively applied to certain accounts and will be automatically processed if applicable * Individual account credit limits can be set * Easy-to-use entry routines allow cash and credit applications against invoices * Convenient information inquiry routines allow easy on-line corrections to open items and customer records * Advance payment by a customer for an invoice which has not been entered yet may be processed * The payment is deducted from the customer's total balance, but does not apply to any invoice until the matching invoice is entered * Flexible setting of aging parameters * Aging reports in summary or detail * Customer listing report * Customer Collections hot list * Sales journal * Cash receipts journal * Monthly statements The A/R Customer data file contains comprehensive data about each customer account: * Address, both Physical and Mailing * Phone numbers * Contact names * Email Address(s) * Customer classification * Tax ID number * Salesman * Credit status and Limit * Recent payment history * and more..