Classic is the premier leader in Trucking Software and Logistics Software, and has been working closely with Operations and Administrative personnel for over 25 years in the development of effective Trucking Industry Software


As a result, Classic makes it easier to enter loads, assign the right equipment, track and pay drivers, and accurately bill the customer with their Trucking Software.

Classic can provide real time-saving solutions to your company in a powerful and easy to use format that can uncomplicate the most complex load or scheduling problem with their Trucking Dispatch Software.

With a variety of interface options Classic can help you tailor the best Trucking Software features for your company into an easy to use, smooth running package that reflects your business objective with the right tools to help your people save time and get the job done, such as:

*  Link Dispatch with Satellite systems

*  Optimize the use of your Mileage Program

*  Meet your shipper's EDI requirements

*  Integrate your Fuel Card transactions

*  Uncomplicate Trip Reporting and check your Driver Logs

*  Scan Documents to trips and Fax or Email Invoices

*  Export data to spread sheets or graphs

*  Provide Direct Deposit to Drivers and Owner Operators

*  Streamline an existing A/R Factoring process

Classic is a single-entry, fully-integrated Operations-Dispatch and full featured Accounting program that offers optional modules for the Shop; including, Vehicle Maintenance, Work Orders, Inventory and Purchasing.


On LINUX, Classic can provide excellent remote access via the internet so those who need to work off-site from terminals or home, such as: Owners, Managers or Dispatchers, can securely do so.



DASHBOARD ALERTS can be setup to notify you when something happens that you want to know about. You might select to be notified when the net-rev on a load falls below a specified amount, or when a load is picked up or delivered after the scheduled appointment, or when a load is cancelled, when checks are written or when deposits made.

CUSTOMER ANALYSIS is juse one of the many areas Classic has focused on to make our software more responsive to your company's need. The ability to compare any shipper on his number of loads, revenue spent, and payment cycle can help you determine his value, and whether he is growing or shrinking his business with you.



What's New?


Dynamic Invoicing:  Provides an automated option that saves time and money by sending freight bills and associated scanned documents by either Email, Fax, or US-Mail.

Accounts Receivable
  • Customer file now shows average days to payment for both current and history
  • Customer file shows year-to-date revenue and compares it to the last 5 years
  • Customer Account can display invoices by either trip, P.O. no, or Bill of Lading no
  • Customer Account allows you to pull up the dispatch screen for an invoice

    Web Sites with link to your data. Let your customers log on to your website to obtain the status of their loads.

  • Shows type and size of equipment required for load
  • Shows driving time for load based on either trip or rating miles
  • Shows Net revenue and revenue per mile. Can drill down to see revenue and expense detail
  • LTL shipments can now be re-shuffled according to the truck's load/unload sequence
  • Multiple drops and picks can be re-shuffled according to dates and times
  • Express code "ADD" displays Bill To, Shipper, Consignee, Driver, Lessor, and Sub-Contractor full addresses
  • Rate confirmation sheet can be generated for Customer or Carrier, and can printed or sent by email or fax
  • You can quick-print a trial invoice without first having to release it
  • Express code "MOV" allows you to assign and track activity not associated with a trip
  • It is now easier to enter loads from planning, and take driver check-in calls
  • Lane history can now be displayed for any possible origin/destination
  • "Completion" is now where delivered loads are stored to match paperwork and release. Loads in completion can be searched by trip no, reference no, P.O. no, or bill of lading no
    Load Planning
  • Load and equipment screens are updated every 10 seconds
  • Shows summary of # of loads for each status
  • Shows type, size, and capacity of equipment required for a load
  • Shows type, size, and capacity of truck-trailer last dispatched
  • Display current location of a load in relation to destination
  • Changes date to red when pickup or delivery date/time has passed
  • Can list driver and put in or out of service
  • Shows # of loads, mileage, and revenue for trucks for last 30, 60, and 90 days